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Be quick with deciding, or the game will pick the option that you left the cursor on when the guards reach you. Shinra Guards will attack you, but you're given a choice: Fight or Run. | | | |Unleash your Limit Breaks when they come up and keep pounding the boss with | |Bolt and physical attacks until it breaks down. It will wait two turns (during which it will counter | |with a powerful Tail Laser attack if attacked), after which it lowers its tail| |again. Don't attack the boss when it has its tail | |raised; simply wait for the boss to lower it. Do something more productive instead by picking up the Potion near the exit below, then continue down south. Don't let the electricity freak you out in the next screen. This can take a very long time, however there *is* a way to slightly speed it up. As for the actual note: Head to the train graveyard to the right so you can save up money to buy 99 Iron Bangles.

| | | |Trivia: Depending on who's alive when Guard Scorpion raises its tail, the | | in-battle dialogue changes.

You can talk to the train man and you can - which is even more interesting - exit the screen on the right to fight monsters in the train graveyard.

After this, you're finally given a first bit-sized snack of freedom in the game.

Press the button and exit the elevator again after the dialog between Barret and Cloud. Walk to Jessie for a quick tutorial on how to climb ladders (which are marked with green triangles, if you used the SELECT button before). It is recommended to save your game at the Save Point, which looks like a rotating quotation mark.

A Phoenix Down can be looted from a box in the southern room, after which you'll have to talk to Jessie once more to open the elevator doors. Climb down the second ladder, walk over some pipes, and make your way to a final ladder.

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