1 year of dating anniversary gifts for him

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However, if paper isn't really your thing, think of ways you can "bend" those paper anniversary rules a little.

You can make up a coupon book on your home computer offering free services like house sitting, lawn work, help with a hard project...

It opens up a great number of possibilities for gifts for your fellow.

Cotton can also be found in certain paper, Q tips and around 47 other ideas listed below.

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There’s something about shopping for gifts for men; it just isn’t easy.

Pick up a hoodie, and consider picking up some tickets to add in to the gift.

Cotton Socks A staple item, new socks feel so, so good on the toesies. Plus, you can use them to rehash any disagreements you may have on the laundry front.

My mother had a system, a photo of the wedding, a card from the reception and a page from our guest book all framed in a beautiful collage for my husband and I. Other more high end options might be to have a special photo turned into an oil painting for that 1st anniversary gift.Cotton (or something that can reasonably be referred to as cotton, we’re not sticklers here!) ideas for your consideration: Sweat Pants Lounge wear, comfy and how I love to spend a day. Bathrobes I am sensing a trend here, comfortable, snuggly things are cotton. Get your husband some new underthings for your anniversary. Expand his bow tie collection with some funky new cotton bow ties, for dress up and dress down occasions.There are ideas for every budget in here (assuming your budget is at least one dollar.Generic cotton buds are a dollar at the dollar store.).

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