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Fat people are told over and over that there simply isn’t enough space for fat bodies.Of course, for me, there is no understanding of my own privilege, power, or identity as a middle-class, queer-ish, white woman that isn’t also about being a middle-class, queer-ish, white woman.

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Discussing the politics of desire takes major guts in our culture, especially as a fat person.Her words were not merely personal, but also political. had overstepped his bounds, speaking for fat women while fat women’s own attempts at articulating their experiences have been mostly ignored.Not everyone was as impressed with Vanessa’s monologue as I was. As Emily Nussbaum asserted in the credit for breaking a supposed tv taboo against discussing women’s experiences of love, sex, and being fat. For decades, there’s been plenty of television exploring these themes—from on.” Nussbaum, and other critics who agreed with her, felt that the show was garnering undue attention while it ignored previous representations of fat women in pop culture and the media.Sometimes it feels like I’m not even there, or that I’m not supposed to be.This double bind of hypervisibility and invisibility is manifested in sex and dating for fat women between the extremes of fat fetishization and sexual violence specifically targeting fat women, such as the practice of “hogging,” which is when men, often in groups, seek out fat women for sexual encounters as a joke.

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