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The poses of the rest of the horsed men are fairly standard, and nothing to really complain about.

The men drawing his sabre would have had few enough moments when this would be necessary, and the man firing from the saddle is also not going to be a common sight, but true cavalry had more of a role to play on the Eastern front than in Flanders, so nothing here is unusable.

The Honved consisted of only infantry and cavalry, but when war broke out they took their place with the rest of the forces on the Eastern and later Italian fronts.

When first we look at either the box artwork or the figures, the eye is drawn to the very unusual tunics with the braiding on the chest, broad woolly collars and the trim round all the seams.

Given the rush to utilitarian uniforms during the period, you might wonder how these men retained their fancy pelisse, and well might you wonder, because they didn't!

The pelisse was a parade-only garment well before the War broke out, and while the rest of the army had succumbed to modernity with practical grey uniforms in 1907, the reactionary cavalry had prevailed on the authorities to retain their superb colourful uniforms.

Moving on to the kit, we were pleased to see more correct details for the late war dating.

There were three autonomous organisations, the first and most important being the Common Army, which covered the whole of the Empire.

Their identification as hussars is confirmed by the cap a few wear, which is the standard field cap but with no peak, in the cavalry style.

Of course having half the men riding horses also tends to be a giveaway, but the dismounted men wear exactly the same gear, so are simply cavalrymen on foot.

This is the pelz ('pelisse' in English), and it immediately identifies these men as hussars, of which there were 10 regiments in the Honved in 1914, making up the whole of the cavalry arm.

However it is also very apparent that these men are not for 1914 as most have a steel helmet, which looks to be the German-inspired M17 rather than the home-grown 'Berndorfer'.

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