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Shakespeare knew Bruce towards the end of his life and was himself a recipient of a few Chatwin letters, the last of which is dated December 1988 and sent from Seillans, near Cannes.'We are here till mid-March with a trip for medication in Paris at some stage,' Chatwin writes. He had Aids, and he never did get back to this wooden house, dying less than a month later, on January 18 1989, there in France, in the house of his and Elizabeth's friend the novelist Shirley Conran.

He could paint and sew and mend things, stick handles back on, so that you could never see the join.' Chatwin was a war baby, born on May 13 1940.

Bidis come in a colourful soft packet, which makes them look almost fresh and healthy. They are much worse for the lungs and skin than regular cigarettes. The first 10 minutes of our interview are punctuated by the sound of her blue Bic lighter failing her.

'You can't buy bidis in this country any more,' she says with a slight, gravelly pant of exasperation, 'and in Paris when they realised they couldn't tax them because they weren't really cigarettes, they made them illegal. ' So she gets them herself from Bombay, where she goes every January for a month.

Chatwin thought it Jamesian and intended to write an epic saga inspired by it.

She is a descendant, on her father's side, of John Jacob Astor, the first multi-millionaire in America, and she was brought up in a big family home in Geneseo, a place Chatwin describes in one letter as 'the back of beyond in New York State, near the Canadian border'.

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