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7: Carl Jung Another progressive thinker who introduced new strains of psychology to the world, Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist whose Analytic Psychology school of thought pioneered the concept of individuation and self-realisation in the early 1900s. The poems and short stories that he wrote across the 1820s and 1840s essentially invented the modern horror genre, and also helped lay the groundwork for sci-fi and detective stories as we know them today.

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Love is the law, love under will.” 3: Mae West Mae West initially refused to allow her image to appear on the artwork.11: A Vargas Girl Having made a name for himself designing posters for the Ziegfield Follies that appeared on Broadway across the 1910s to the 30s, Peruvian painter Joaquin Alberto Vargas Y Chávez went on to create a series of paintings of pin-ups.Known as the Varga Girls, they gained widespread exposure in magazine during the 40s, and also inspired a number of paintings that would appear on World War II fighter jets.As the gang’s leader, Gorcey was a prototype street thug who set the template for many to follow, though he refused to let The Beatles use his image unless they paid him a fee, which was declined.13: Huntz Hall A fellow Bowery Boy, Huntz Hall was known for playing the putz of the group, Horace De Bussy “Sach” Jones.

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