6 signs you re dating a loser

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But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to develop complete trust in a person. it’s really freakin’ hard, especially if you’ve been hurt and/or betrayed in the past.Putting your trust someone is essentially you making yourself more vulnerable, and a lot of people have trouble with that. I’ve been burned pretty badly in the past, by both close friends and romantic partners, and it has caused me to be extremely cautious about who I trust now. But when you meet someone who you really like, you to trust them…If you’re in the dark about what’s going on and he (or she) isn’t doing anything to explain or can’t come up with a plausible explanation of what is happening with the future of the relationship — you’re being played.2.If the person suddenly pulls back from being fully involved (initiating contact, responding to your texts, emails, calls etc) to zero involvement (ignoring you or in a rush to get away) and he (or she) doesn’t care that his (or her) actions are hurting youyou’re being played.3.Being there for someone goes hand in hand with trust.Source: Shutter Stock How does your BF act around you?David said mobile phones are as often as not where a cheating spouse is likely to leave some evidence that an affair is in progress.'Suspicion starts coming through in technology.'You might see a message pop up in your partner's i Phone that looks a bit weird, or he is more protective of his phone.'He may have put a password on it, whereas he never needed one before.'While David said he's not able to comment on the psychology of a cheating person, he did say that many of his clients report their partner seeming to be more angry than usual.'If men are guilty this can manifest itself as anger.

I asked him why he all of a sudden seemed distant and he said he felt things were moving too fast. I don’t know if he’s playing me or if he’s taking his time and just doesn’t want to rush anything.

I just want to be sure he still wants to be with me and i’m not just wasting my time on a relationship that is going nowhere.

Yangki’s Answer: Just as each person is different, each relationship is different and the time frames that apply in one relationship may not apply in another.

If he (or she) spends more time telling you that the relationship is neither right nor going anywhere, it is always the case that he (or she) is living down to his/her expectations – you are being played and you’re wasting your time.

Bottom line: If there is positive energy and clear signs of “good-will” or loving intentions from the other person, then it’s most likely he (or she) just feels that things are moving too fast for him (or her) and just stepping back to reset the pace at which things are moving. Stepping back and resetting the pace of a relationship that was moving too fast should feel “right” for both of you.

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