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PU leather upper and breathable mesh and Velcro straps.

The nylon-fiberglass composite sole has built-in air control vents to help keep you cool and Anti-slip walk pads are ready when your feet touch the ground.

It is in very good condition with a slight shallow bend and one rub mark on the bottom right section. This is a great lot of tins from Dr Herman's Foot Powder, Purity Talcum Powder, Perfumed Violet Talcum Powder, Toilet Tripolio, Kuco No Chafe Powder, Dr. Condition:(Good - Very Lot: 624 - Lot of 3: Horse Related Paper Advertising Signs. One is from Gombault's Caustic Balsam and the other is from a Merchant's Gargling Oils. The brands included are Relio, American and Minneopa. The colors are very strong and there are no issues. Condition:(Very Good - Lot: 671 - Lot of 3: Hood's Sarsparilla Advertising The calendars are from 1891, 1895 and and 1905. All three are in excellent condition accept the 1905 calendar has some minor soiling, fold marks and slight paper loss on the bottom paper section. Displays well and would look Lot: 722 - Lot of 2: Farming Advertising Signs. It is framed behind glass and is advertising the Jackson Wagon Sun Flower band. There is some scrapes in the field as well as some soiling and light fading. Appears to be four pieces from a Men's catalog, very nicely matted and in Lot: 724 - Faust Oyster Crackers Framed Paper Label. Very strong colors with a very unique drawing of a devil character. This poster is framed behind glass, has a comical image of some people and animals chasing after a rat. The Fleischmann's Yeast paper sign has great colors and graphic. It shows a comical illustration of some hunters running from a skunk. The Wetmore Tobacco sign has a great graphic with strong colors.

The third piece included in this lot is for the Broadway Tire, which were rubber tires for buggies and carriages. There is soiling with some edge wear and scrapes present but the boxes still display very well. Condition:(Excellent Lot: 661 - Lot of 2: Framed Metropolitan Life Insurance One is dated 1909 and the other is dated 1905. Lot: 672 - Lot of 2: Snag-Proof & Minneapolis Flour Both calendars are framed behind glass. Hook & Ladder Advertising This poster is professionally framed behind glass and was made by Krump Label Co. It retains its original top and bottom metal strips. It has a great graphic which shows six black men in overalls with wagon wheel logos standing in front of a Jackson Lot: 723 - Lot of 2: Menswear Advertising Signs. There are numerous fold marks and areas of soiling throughout. In excellent condition with a fold mark on the upper Lot: 729 - United States Fur Co.

Durable TPU outsoles feature E-DTS® Hybrid Outsole Technology and equip Casual Hybrid Golf Shoes with remarkable traction. Age Group: injected PU stability cage that wraps from the heel, through the midsole and across the toe box for the ultimate in stability.

FEATURES: Uppers constructed of rich HM leather for a comfortable feel and excellent breathability HYDROMAX® upper treatment offers superb resistance to weather and perspiration Removable second skin and comfort fiber inlay sole for extra width and added cushioning Outsole constructed of durable TPU, proven to last roughly five times longer than rubber E-DTS® Hybrid Outsole Technology provides 800 grip angles for superior traction 100 molded traction bars on the outsole provide unmatched turf grip ECCO Size: 9/9.5 US (40 Euro). It also has a flexible and durable PU structure bonded to a lightweight, breathable and HYDROMAX™ treated upper for increased protection.

Also included in this lot is a pocket Lot: 601 - Lot of 7: Tubular Cream Separator Advertising Included in this lot are seven celluloid Tubular Cream Separator pinbacks. The labels on the inside of the lids are in great condition. Condition:(Good - Lot: 614 - Lot of 13: Early Medicinal Tins. Hess Poultry Tablets, Superior Chemical Company, Dr. Stohr's Quinine Tablets, Tryalax Laxative, Oystero Oyster Broth Powder and two Atlas Home Tacks. Dimensions Framed: 29 - 1/2" x Lot: 669 - Lot of 4: Hood's Sarsparilla Advertising Pieces.

Lot: 602 - Lot of 4: Overland Automobile Advertising Pins. Condition:(Very Good - Lot: 604 - Lot of 10: Farming Advertising Pins. Lot includes two Roosevelt pinbacks, a 1896 Bryan Sewall "16 to 1" Jugate pinback, a 1904 Roosevelt Fairbanks Warner Trigate Pinback and a 1906 Roosevelt Stuart pinback. Conditions range from very good Lot: 606 - Lot of 9: Assorted Advertising Pins. Lot includes pinbacks from Orient Cycles, Falcon Bicycles, Iver Johnson Cycles, Rambler Bicycles, Bill Dugan Cigar and Little Pinkies The Sailor. Lot includes a complete set of Solarene Oils for automobiles and tractors. Also included is a salesman sample display of early perfumes. This lot includes two new old stock boxes of Electro-Silicon polish kits and one new old stock box of Carter's green household ink.

The E-DTS™ also ensures you have superior grip thanks to 800 different traction angles. Age Group: Adult.leather uppers with Hydromax treatment keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the round.

There are three sizes of Rough Rider, a Parrot and Monkey Brand, a Cleveland's Superior and a Gold Label. Thacher's Liver Medicine, Scott's Blood Tablets, Cuticura Ointment, Well's Tablets, Fougera's Mustard Plasters, Man's Carbolic Ointment, Nature's Remedy Tablets, Dr. The tin ledger marker was made by Standard Advertising Company, Coshocton, Ohio. Lot includes Peanut Butter tins from Sultana, Jackie Coogan Brand and Buffalo Brand. The boxes both have moderate Lot: 626 - Lot of Early Heinz 57 Advertising Pieces. Condition:(Very Good - Lot: 662 - Italo-American Bread Company Advertising calendar. Dimensions Framed: 25 - 1/2" x Lot: 663 - Lot of 2: Early Advertising Calendars. There is some minor cardboard loss on the bottom right section, as well as a fold mark on the upper center edge. One of them has a slight corner bend in the upper right hand corner. Dimensions Each Framed: 19 - 3/4" x Lot: 665 - Lot of 2: Insurance Advertising Calendars. The first is from John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. Both have vibrant colors and Lot: 666 - Lot of 2: Diecut Advertising Calendars. The three Lot: 670 - Lot of 4: Hood's Sarsparilla Advertising These four calendars are all framed behind glass. The 1912 calendar has some fold lines with minor edge and corner wear. This paper sign has a great image of a Victorian woman petting her horse while images of the Spavin Cure are displayed to the right of her. Early Victorian calling cards for a variety of trades. Lot includes three identical Yeast Foam posters that appear to have never been used and retain their original top and bottom metal strips. Also included is a different Yeast Foam poster framed behind glass. Condition:(Near Lot: 730 - Lot of 2: Small Advertising Signs. The Eureka Harness and Boston Coach Oils sign has a great graphic with Lot: 731 - Lot of 2: Framed Advertising Signs.

It is advertising the American Line and Red Star Line ships. The Buffalo tin is in very good condition with good color and minor wear while the rest of the tins have moderate wear and oxidation. This lot includes many early Heinz advertising items including a 1901 letterhead, a 1901 postal cover, an early Heinz 57 watch fob, numerous labels, a Heinz pickle pinback and numerous trade cards. Lot: 627 - Lot of 4: Old Store Stock Fruit Jar Rings & This lot includes three boxes of never used Fruit Jar Rings. This calendar is framed behind glass and shows a woman and her two kids in a bakery. Lot: 664 - Lot of 2: Fairbank's Fairy Advertising Calendars. The Crego & Pelton calendar is dated 1907 and is framed. It has very strong colors with a very intricate diecut and punched out design. The Birdsboro Candyland Lot: 667 - Gillett's Lye Diecut Advertising Calendar. It is dated 1904 and shows a diecut black man sitting down holding up a Gillett's Lye advertisement. While the rest of the calendars are in great condition. There is some mild soiling, a few added holes and minor areas of paper loss. Shows a Lot: 727 - Rough on Rats Paper Advertising Poster. Dimensions Framed: 26" Lot: 728 - Lot of 2: Early Paper Advertising Signs. One is advertising the King Whiffle Tree Company, while the other is advertising Fleischmann's Yeast. Both of these small paper signs are framed behind glass. Lot includes a framed Hoods Sarsaparilla advertising paper plate and a Radio Skim Milk Powder cardboard sign.

Directly-injected E-DTS outsoles employ a dual-density design and 800 traction angles to ensure grip on virtually any terrain. The traditional lace closing allows a micrometric Manual adjustment to exclude the possibility of any contact during pedaling.treatment for a comfortable feel and superb resistance to adverse conditions.

FEATURES: Trendy sneaker design creates a casual aesthetic suitable for on and off the course Strong, lightweight, breathable Yak leather uppers create lasting comfort and protection Uppers treated with Hydromax to provide unparalleled protection against the weather and perspiration Performance-enhanced inlay sole promotes better grip and support; removable to provide extra width E-DTS Outsole Technology features TPU dual-density design with 800 traction angles for superior grip Outsoles constructed using a TPU Direct Injection Process to enable incredible durability Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2-Year Waterproof Size: 9/9.5 US (40 Euro). Removable second skin and comfort fiber inlays provide extra width and enhanced support through the stroke.

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