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Other small states were the duchies of Toscana (Tuscany), Parma, and Modena.In each of these states, the monarchs (all relatives of the Habsburgs, the ruling family of Austria) exercised absolute powers of Italian patriot spearheaded a national revolutionary movement.He unsuccessfully waged war against the Austrians in Lombardy and led his volunteers to Rome to support the Roman Republic established by Mazzini and others in 1849.

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The first revolution on the Italian peninsula took place in the Kingdom of Sicily, which resulted in a constitution for the whole kingdom.There he displayed unusual qualities of military leadership while participating in the revolt of the state of Rio Grande do Sul against Brazil, as well as later in a civil war in Uruguay.In 1848, Garibaldi traveled to the United States settled in Staten Island, New York, and later became a US citizen.Mazzini's ideology of an independent integrated republic spread quickly among large segments of the Italian people.Revolutionary cells formed throughout the Italian peninsula.

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