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The 1st time we gave it to her, we saw a few fleas on her. The house does not have any fleas, and we did not fumigate. The nexguard apparantly killed the eggs as well as fleas on dog, and there were not very many on her, but I know from previous experience they multiply very quickly. And it's good it's available by prescription so vet can see if it's causing problems.

Government-funded treatment advantages are that there is no cost for outpatient or medical treatment while residential treatment is free or low cost (typically less than 0 a day).Still all in all it's a great deal.can't see why the price is around 60 dollars everywhere. Anyway, works good, be sure and give it to your dog when the dog is hungry because mine didn't find it very tasty and it took several tries. My poor dog got infested with fleas and despite baths, topical treatments, vacuuming and treating the house we couldn't keep the little buggers off of him.My vet recommended Nexgard and it worked amazingly well.Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta Project: Purchasing two Tower Gardens for the school to encourage and promote the importance of healthy eating to the students Location: St.Albert, Alberta Project: Family-centered support for children with developmental disabilities Location: Edmonton, Alberta Project: Installation of a new water fountain at the Glendon Arena providing a free drinking water option to all arena users Location: Glendon, Alberta Project: A program offering Grief and Loss Support Groups for elementary and middle school students going through major life transitions Location: Edmonton, Alberta Project: Pairing Grade 6/7 students with local seniors in the community who tell them stories they would like to see on stage, the students then bring these stories to life through performances/plays Location: Calgary, Alberta Project: Positive Youth Project focuses on improving the lives of youth living with HIV/AIDS Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Project: Redesigning the school playground into an accessible play space serving all children and abilities, including the 44 children with special needs Location: Burnaby, British Columbia Project: Hiring a part-time occupational therapist to assist children/families with special needs Location: Campbell River, British Columbia Project: Expanding their programs that provide a support network to children who live with a parent with a mental illness Location: Vernon, British Columbia Project: Providing youth an opportunity to respond positively to life changes and stressful events through the support of their trained caregivers Location: 100 Mile House, British Columbia Project: Providing suicide prevention and mental health support for youths in school and online by trained volunteers Location: Victoria, British Columbia Project: Hearing for Kids donates hearing aids to children from low-income families Location: Port Moody, British Columbia Project: Educational program targeting barriered individuals and providing them access to affordable sexual health services Location: Victoria, British Columbia Project: Summer school math program for Indigenous youth Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Project: Expanding their children's literacy program that provides one-to-one tutoring to elementary school students who struggle with reading in 20 new schools Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Project: Supporting single mothers with young children, who are at risk of poor developmental outcomes by offering preschool for the children and parenting courses for the mothers Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia Project: Purchasing new books for their weekly Storytime Program that provides an inclusive environment for children and parents to read together Location: Slocan, British Columbia Project: Creation of customary assistive devices for children/youth with physical disabilities Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Project: After school program emphasizing physical activity, healthy eating, and academic support Location: Kelowna, British Columbia Project: Offering free Summer Medical Camps for children with special medical needs Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Project: Providing a safe and fun environment for teens to meet other teens and to help plan for the future (discussions on paying taxes, finding jobs, going to University etc.) Location: Brandon, Manitoba Project: Family Support Program providing free social services to highly vulnerable families Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Project: Promoting and funding healthy eating in schools across Manitoba Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Project: Teaching children with disabilities to learn how to live as independently as possible Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Project: Introduction of a Pet Empathy Program for elementary students that will increase children's knowledge of proper pet care, increase empathy towards domesticated animals etc.

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    held that such speech could by itself create a hostile, abusive, or offensive environment; 54 and of course as a factual matter this makes sense: When your coworkers, who are law enforcement professionals like you, correctly tell each other that you had committed crimes that many think are pretty reprehensible, of course this will create a chilly environment for you. ." 55 This makes sense as a matter of substantive harassment law: For instance, if I (a Jew) know my coworker is a virulent anti-Semite, I might find it hard to work around him even if he's always polite to my face. § 111.321 (1997) (including membership in national guard or reserves together with all the other proscribed bases of discrimination, in the section that has been read as barring harassment as well as discrimination); Wisconsin Dep't of Workforce Dev., (saying that "[e]mployes may not be harassed in the workplace based on their protected status" and listing "military service membership" as a protected status); Indianapolis and Marion County Code § 581-102 (barring discrimination by city contractors in "terms, privileges, or conditions of employment" based on "disabled veteran status and Vietnam era veteran status"); Anne Arundel Community College, ("Students, faculty, staff and authorized guest users have a right to be free from electronic harassment by any member of the college community on the basis of their sex, sexual orientation, race, . 4 (policy banning veteran status harassment alongside racial, sexual, and other forms of harassment); Weber State University, General Employee Information (same); VNA Health Care Servs.

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    These are plausible theories, yet they haven’t gotten much traction — possibly they’re plausible, unlike some of the more sensational ideas being passed around. And barring a small miracle, we’ll never learn for certain what happened. In today’s New York Times, it says, “Angus Houston, the retired head of the Australian military who is overseeing the country’s search, said in an interview earlier this month that he assumed the flight would have been on autopilot even if a conscious pilot had been at the controls.

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