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The slide is an 81xxx serial number, it has had a recent addition of a nickel silver crook.Leadpipe is a Brassark MV50 copper seamed press fit.Most interestingly, this trombone is currently set up with a "Haynor" valve system.If you look at the photos, you can see how it functions.A piece of history to use in period work or just to own an important instrument in the evolution of the trombone. This is a terrific playing Bach 42 and has the coveted "Stainless Steel" casing from O. I love the sound of it, orchestral but clear and brilliant. Dick played this trombone on countless film scores, it's got lots of good notes in it.00 with case (and his name stamp still inside) A very nice playing Shires bass trombone with dependent trubore valves, one of 9 sets I believe.It was repadded and corked by Robb Stewart and has quite a nice sound.

This trombone is being sold as is with this Haynor system installed (which is very well done btw) but we can convert to normal split trigger configuration for a small additional fee if you want it set up normally. Every once in a while I get something really special and unusual. Regardless of this, its quite a good playing trombone and would be great for a player looking for a top tier professional trombone at a bargain price. An underrated pro level trombone, the Benge 165F is a large bore .547" with closed wrap F attachment. Long the industry standard for the west coast and many professional orchestras around the world.00 without case or mouthpiece A fantastic deal for an inline professional level bass trombone.I just love the sound of a Benge trombone, it is gooey dark with a brilliant edge, begging to be played with core and depth. This instrument has been in storage at a music shop for the past 15 years.Its spent most of its life here in Los Angeles and has many years of use left. A unique opportunity to own one of the early custom made instruments by Marc L'Anglier.This one was made in the early 1980s for John Englekes (of the San Francisco Symphony) and further modified by the next owner who has had it since then.

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