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These participants were shown a series of five animated female figures that varied only in terms of of breast size, and then rated them for physical attractiveness on a five-point scale. The men from the low socioeconomic background rated bigger breasts as more attractive than did men from the medium socioeconomic background, who in turn endorsed larger breasts as more appealing than men from the high socioeconomic background. In the second experiment, the researchers compared the breast size ratings of 66 hungry versus 58 satiated male university students to test whether food security impacted their preferences.These men were asked to participate in the study as they entered or exited campus dining halls during dinner, from approximately to pm.(Because ethnicity is known to influence breast size preferences, the investigators invited only white British men to participate in this study). The hungry men preferred bigger breasts substantially more than the satiated group.They were subsequently presented with the same animated series of female figures that was used in the previous experiment. The second study was based on alternate evolutionary perspective on breast size, which maintains that it is a signal of a woman's capacity to bear and nurture children.No, many guys are pretty vocal about their breast size preferences.But you are right that many guys would be down with whatever you bring to the table -- but it just wouldn't be their ideal preference.You ask any woman with big tits saying they all stare down my shirt first. Every woman with big tits knows she has power, women are not running around getting boob jobs to create seeing eye titties to search and remove obstacles in our path, we do it to be loved by men and finally get good sex.

In keeping with the researchers' expectations, men who wished to remain child-free preferred smaller breasts. While they may seem in some measure to be exercises in frivolity, they do provide scientific understanding into the mystery of physical attraction. (2012) Preferred Female Body Proportions among Child-free Men.One view on human female breast size is that it may act as a signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources.Anchored in this understanding, psychologists Viren Swami and Martin Tovée carried out two experiments to test whether men experiencing relative resource insecurity (that is, those who lack material goods) would find larger breasts more desirable than men experiencing resource security (those who have material goods).Of course as a man, of meagre means, I don't have much say in what becomes available to me, but if I had the luxury of making a choice it would be for a smaller breasted woman. The study didn't find 100% correlation, which means there are plenty of counterexamples.However, it is very interesting that it found a tendency that couldn't be explained by chance alone.

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