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With great yearning and anguish of spirit, George Fox sought the Light and found occasional openings which brought him a degree of peace and comfort, until at last he heard that voice which spoke to his inmost soul: “There is one, even Christ Jesus, that can speak to thy condition.” In speaking of the voice, George Fox said, “When I heard it, my heart did leap for joy.” He found the way to communion with God without aid of ritual or clergy, and henceforth his distinctive message to his generation was that Christ speaks directly to each human soul who seeks Him.

Spiritual life depends upon direct communion with Him, and all men may find salvation and life in Him.

It is a faith that does not stand on ritual or creed, but on the experience of the presence of God in the individual heart.

It is universal in its scope, and speaks to the spiritual needs of all men.

at the state convention here, becoming one of the first Congressional victims of the surging discontent from the Tea Party-infused Republican right.—The New York Times, May 8Death, as it must to all men, came To Robert Bennett in the name Of Republican purity.

He leaves no one without witness, but gives the light of His truth and presence to men of all races and walks of life.

This power we call the Light Within or the Light of Christ.

We believe that a seed of this spirit is in every man.

Polshek embraces its historic location with glass-walled galleries on each floor overlooking Independence Mall.

The exhibits, according to museum president Michael Rosenzweig, are meant to “inspire all Americans to a greater appreciation of the... And the rest on Kim Jong-il." "At one time people used to think of golf, and golf courses, and golf clubs as being exclusive.

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