Adventures delicious dating after 40

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In order to get on with life, we need to put him in perspective. Here Are Gina's 10 Reasons To Thank Your Bad Boyfriend 1.You learned, while being in that relationship, that someone else's suspicions can erode your own sense of trust and self-worth to the point where you doubt your sanity as well as your integrity;9.Once you ended the relationship, you discovered that you no longer had to hide all your own stuff because he didn't like it, thereby happily freeing yourself from the "Repressed School of Interior Decoration";10.You learned that a truly thoughtful lover would not attempt to arouse you with the subtlety of a chimp trying to dial a rotary phone;7.He taught you that while breaking up might be hard to do, staying in a fundamentally miserable, spiritually chaotic, emotionally unsafe, and unutterably unfulfilling relationship was worse;8.

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