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I will eat some local cheese but avoid mass produced factory dairy products.

We are raising our families and loving life in this incredible, thriving community.

I will continue to update everyone on products I love, recipes I love and even products that I have tried that suck!

In Computer Science (CS), students are offered a well-rounded education in the scientific foundations of information and computation together with practical techniques for the implementation of these foundations, applicable to almost every facet of life, through an intensive, hands-on approach.

For example: peas, nuts, nut butters, beans, leafy greens, chia seeds (or any seeds! I also LOVE the Vega bars and keep them and almonds in my purse and car for those “desperate moments”! and why on earth would I ever waste a morsel of that? oh my God I hope this blog hasn’t been too boring or naggy for you all.

I really really wrote this from the heart and want to share my journey along the way!

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