Android call log not updating online dating services do background checks

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How can I reboot my tablet, the touchscreen is not working.. Shutdown your Android device and remove the Memory card and Sim(s) attached to it.Also, remove the battery for few seconds if possible.This will wipe your phone/tablet and return it to its original condition.This usually involves holding down Volume-Up and Volume-Down button together and then pressing Power Button (every phone has different method).According to Google, the option should also be appearing in the Contacts and Android Messages apps.

Especially on tablets and other larger-screen devices, multi-window support gives you new ways to engage users.We tried the new integration out for ourselves, via the latest versions of both Duo and the Phone app, and it works.If you have a contact that has Duo installed and associated with a phone number, the icon to call them over video should appear in both your call history and search, though one of my contacts with Duo didn't show the option.Be careful and don’t mess with other options or you may brick your phone.Remove the Screen Protector on your Android device if present.

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