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“I really wanted to tell you,” she said to him later.“I was like, ‘This is the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life…I really, really panicked.” Sciorra ultimately felt emboldened by the sheer number of other actresses speaking out against the disgraced producer.It was another piece in the nightmarish puzzle gradually coming together to illustrate the full panorama of abuse alleged against Weinstein., Weinstein forced himself into her New York apartment and violently raped her.The first time she’d talked to reporter Ronan Farrow, she’d denied that anything had happened.The cumulative weight of their stories is crushing, and it exposes a broader dynamic that feels uncomfortably personal to anyone who consumes news and culture in our society—which is to say anyone reading this now.

They are bound up with the (limited) ways we have been conditioned to see ourselves in an ageist, racist, patriarchal culture, even in times when they have offered us the false freedom of more “independent” alternatives.It can be nauseating to think about, because we are all implicated.It is as though, long after we’d drunk the milk—and in many cases even said it tasted good—someone came along to tell us it was well past its expiration date.One disconcerting detail to emerge in the first wave of Weinstein stories was his obsession with the actress Mila Kunis, whom Weinstein seems to have held up as some kind of revealingly personal ideal of feminine beauty.Weinstein reportedly “lashed out” at the actress Jessica Barth, telling her in 2011 that she needed to lose weight if she wanted “to compete with Mila Kunis.” To Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, the woman who wore a wire to a meeting with Weinstein in 2015, after he’d groped her the day before, Weinstein “remark[ed] repeatedly that she looked like the actress Mila Kunis,” she told more intimate details about Harvey Weinstein’s abuse than she’d ever wanted to, and will have little luck scrubbing some of the more disturbing images from her mind: the hotel robes, the clichéd penchant for massages, that unfortunate potted plant.

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