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You said in one interview that you were not ‘super-attached’ to your career. My main passion is to act and the reason I don’t work that much is because I give everything I have when I’m working and it takes a lot to recover. Were your parents happy when you said you wanted to become an actress? Is it true that you were surprised that Gondry wanted you? Maybe it’s because when I admire some people, I can’t believe that they want me. I have a very strong character and just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m going to do what the man wants. It’s very flattering to feel people like you and the way you act. Of course I like to read about the stories of other actors when I’m on the train. For example, I am a big fan of Aretha Franklin but I don’t know a thing about her private life and I don’t care.They were not really happy but they were reassured because I was a good student. Everything we did in this movie every day was a surprise. It’s a most beautiful recognition – and I’m very grateful for that – but falling in love with actors… Maybe people are happy to fantasise so they think everything is better in their own lives.Her international fame was covered up in the year 2001 when she did a very romantic comedy named Amelie.This film was directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet and it was the first and foremost international hit in the list of her career.And I can say it because I heard it said by Annie Miller, his wife, but he passed away a few hours after [Cannes’ artistic director] Thierry Frémaux had told him the film would go to Cannes. I don’t think they give special treatment to French actors.Do you think there are far less interesting roles for women in the film industry generally? It’s not easy or common to find very interesting and central female parts.

During the year 1998 she also was in the part of “Jeunes Premiers” and it was her Young Debut that made her to win with the title of “Best Young Actress” within the festival organized for the young actors a 9th Breziers.Coming from an intellectual family of a dental surgeon and teacher, Audrey was born on August 9, 1978 in Beaumont, Puy-de-Dome, France but spent most of her early life in a rural town of Montlucon where her interest in acting began to flourish heavily.Upon fixed her mind on becoming a professional actress, she then decided to head for Paris shortly after her high school graduation to attend acting classes at the grand city's Cours Florent while at the same time seeking opportunity to develop a career in entertainment industry.Making her career a side and looking to her personal life it can be seen that she is very fluent in English language and she is the citizen of France.Being the eldest out of 4 children of the parents with a brother and 2 sisters as her siblings, she is very responsible towards her parents.

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