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Criticism from some conservatives opposed to the politics of Macklemore's Same Love has not dulled support for the hip-hop singer's pro-same-sex marriage song ahead of his performance at the NRL grand final.The track, which was written with Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert, hit number one on i Tunes in Australia after former prime minister Tony Abbott argued that "footy fans shouldn't be subjected to a politicised grand final".How am I participating in an authentic way that is actually giving something to the culture and not just taking from it?" he told triple j at the time."[A question] I've been asking myself a long time and will continue [to] for the rest of my career is: What am I actually giving and what am I taking? "He was also forced to apologise in 2014 for wearing a costume that was interpreted by some as being a Jewish caricature.

It follows the downtown Sydney municipality's decision in October to offer free venues for same-sex weddings should they become lawful.Most gay rights advocates believed the government should have allowed marriages years ago and saw various ideas for a public survey as a delaying tactic. CANBERRA, Australia — A convicted child molester was prevented from flying overseas from Sydney Airport on Wednesday under new laws aimed at keeping Australian pedophiles from traveling to Southeast Asia for sex tourism.Call it a wedding if you like, I'm not romantic," he added.The Attorney-General's Department on Friday published online a new form for couples to announce their intention to marry with tick-box options of male, female and "x." The form defines "x" as "indeterminate, intersex or unspecified." While the previous document referred to a "bride" and "bridegroom," the new form adds the option of "partner." Turnbull described Parliament voting late Thursday for gay marriage, with only four lawmakers registering their opposition, as a historic moment.

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