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The letter must provide the expected date of graduation and state that the child is enrolled on a full-time basis.

You must comply with the terms of the judgment or order regarding payment of support.

Judges and referees must indicate why they depart from the formula, if they do so.

The child support formula takes into consideration the income of the non-custodial parent, it also looks at the custodial parent's income and may even impute income to an unemployed or underemployed parent under certain circumstances.

Michigan statute provides for child support to continue to age 18 or upon graduation from high school but no later than age 19 1/2.

If your order provides for support until graduation from high school, there are three criteria which must be met.

To avoid surcharge, a payer may pay at least 90% of the current support payments.

With rare exceptions, all payments must be processed through the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (Mi SDU) in Lansing.

The person named as the parent has to pay this until they can prove that they’re not the parent.Do not fall into the trap of making private arrangements, as you will face the same judge who gave the original order if you fail to comply.The Friend of the Court enforces orders on a non-complaint basis but welcomes complaints regarding cases needing attention.Every check or money order must clearly identify the payer's name, social security number, docket number, county identifier No. Failure to properly identify the payment may cause the money to be applied to the wrong account or held to determine where they money should be applied.Before paying any other debts or buying a child a gift, the payer is expected to honor his/her child support obligation.

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