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“You have to see that as a big dark black pit that you have to climb out of or you’ll be buried in it,” Schwartz advised.

We hear so often about couples who met and everything was perfect: They both lived in the same city, they were both single, they were both in a great place emotionally, and bam! While that's super lovely and great, I figured there had to be some real-life stories out there of couples who had rocky beginnings but ultimately happy endings.

Just because the whole world seems to obsess about romance during one day in the middle of February, doesn't mean you have to.

For happy singles, it's a good excuse to eat chocolate.

Good men and good women are everywhere — if you’re looking, noted Bela Gandhi, a TODAY contributor and founder of the Smart Dating Academy in Chicago.

She’s amazed people often complain they don’t meet anyone, but then go out and keep their heads down the entire time, staring at their devices.

Bite the bullet and try online dating for a big pool of potential candidates, Schwartz added.

If you’re already online, try a different dating site.

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Make three seconds of eye contact with the cute stranger and smile — that’s an invitation for him to come over and talk to you, she advised. These are the top states for 'positive relationships' Romance is for dates, and it’s fun to have on occasion in your marriage, but it’s partnership that will get you through the rough times, said Tina B.Like yourself and like your life — really work on that, Schwartz advised. “If you’re not a happy, positive, self-confident person, you cut your chances of being in the right space for the right kind of person,” she said.Go to a therapist to see why you’re depressed; get a trainer if you haven’t been exercising, and visit a nutritionist to begin eating right. “The idea is that you have to train for everything, and you have to train for love as well,” Schwartz said. You’re not a finished product unless you’re dead.” RELATED: Does dating feel like an 'unpaid internship'?But if Valentine's Day has you thinking about finding love, the holiday could be a good motivation to start.Our experts offered these 12 tips to boost your chances: That’s like saying, “You’ll find a job when you’re least looking for it,” said Pepper Schwartz, a relationship expert and sociology professor at the University of Washington. “For the most part, people who wait for a job are unemployed,” she added.

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