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You can also try using some lube on your clitoris to create an extra-slippery sensation.How to do it: This is a somewhat complicated position to get into, but it’s well worth the effort!You may want to practice fully clothed to get a sense of where all of your limbs go before attempting it naked.Have him lie on his back with both of his feet flat on the ground.It’s great for women who are shy about trying a bunch of crazy positions, since it’s extremely easy to maneuver into from the traditional missionary. Variations: For even more intense contact, try using your hand to spread your labia apart so that his body rubs directly against your clitoris.Or put a pillow under your hips to create a more accessible angle.He can either crouch low or lay down on top of you.How to do it: Start off in missionary position, with you on your back and your guy on top of you, between your legs.

But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of how we can actually better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions?Crouch over him, with one of your legs between his legs, and the other leg on his side.Gently lower yourself to your knees, and use your hand to guide his penis inside of you.Variations: Turn around so that you’re facing his feet. It offers a pretty spectacular view for him, and gives you a different angle to work with.You can also try asking him to prop his body up a bit, or even sit all the way up.

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