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Just in time for Christmas, Parisian publishers, SP Books are releasing 1,800 hand-numbered luxury editions printed from the copy donated to Princeton Library by Fitzgerald’s daughter, Scottie in 1950.

Scott Fitzgerald’s own hand and including important revisions and amendments.Whether you are revisiting the novel as seasoned Fitzgerald fan or coming to it for the first time, readers can experience an intimate insight into the writer’s mind and thought-process, giving new life to a well loved classic.“Fitzgerald might have written with the Jazz Age panache of someone with Champagne swilling in his mouth, but this limited-edition facsimile offers a much more complete portrait of the effort behind his best known manuscript” says Vogue, while the Daily Telegraph described is as “the perfect Christmas gift for bibliophiles”.Out now Unspooling over 600 pages without a single paragraph break, Will Self's new novel, Phone, is "a kind of epic anti-tweet", says Duncan White in the Daily Telegraph.Out now When internet sensation and poet Patricia Lockwood is forced to return home, she is confronted by childhood memories of her father, a hippy Catholic priest who happens to be married, worships the blues and loves action films, and her mother who obsesses about natural disasters and Satan worshippers.Covering family hunting trips to pro-life sit-ins, the result, Vogue says it is "an autobiography that is by turns hysterically funny and deeply poignant" while Business Insider UK praises the "poetically precise language and darkly hilarious observations [which] spark zingers that will make you rethink your own childhood indoctrinations".

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