Bi sexual chat with strangers

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My face must have shown complete shock at hearing this, but Carol was not looking my way. My mind frequently returned to Carol's dress lifted by the wind and I found myself daydreaming of fucking her. That did not stop me getting an erection thinking about it.When I had a moment alone with Debbie, she reminded me that she would not have to be their bitch while Carol was visiting. Even more arousing than the physical attraction was how wrong it felt to even have such thoughts.In that state she did things for them that she would never do for anyone else, not even me. It was great sex and it happened regularly after that night.I still send her off to spend a private evening with Jeremy at least once a week, but the way we fuck her together makes it more tolerable.My brilliant idea involved some sacrifice which I should have anticipated. Standing on the opposite side of the kitchen counter from the dining table, I could not see below their waists, but their actions were clear enough.Since I thought that was already happening, I found it easy to accept. Conversation was friendly and lively and did not straying into sexual topics. Luckily, Carol was facing the wrong way to see the kinky mistress enter the room. Shelley wanted Debbie to be her bitch now and silently instructed her to pull her shorts and panties down and leave them on the floor.

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Although, I pointed out that even my own wife did not respond to him as I expected. "We'll do it," he said, "for a price." The price was that in future sessions with my wife they want to make her fuck anyone they choose.Even if Debbie had a week off, Jeremy was going to keep reminding her of their relationship behind Carol's back. While discussing plans for the day, my wife mentioned that we were not going out for dinner like we had planned.Instead, we were staying in and having guests No surprise it was Jeremy and Shelley.While she was upside down we took turns fucking her. The biggest irritation in this whole situation is that Jeremy has banned my dick from my wife's ass.Actually, the irritating part is that my wife insists on following this rule even when there is no way Jeremy could tell if we broke it.

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