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Andrea Constand took the witness stand at the Cosby trial Tuesday and faced off against her alleged attacker in a dramatic moment that has long been called for by survivors of sexual violence.“There, wearing a dark-colored coat, brown tie and white shirt,” Constand said, gesturing, when asked to point out the entertainer who is accused of violating her at his Philadelphia-area mansion.He glanced down quickly at his clothing, then sat stoically.My mouth was very cottony.” She said stood up and found that her legs could barely support her.He led her to the couch, helped her lie down and provided a pillow for support, and she lost consciousness, she testified.An indeterminate amount of time later, she said, she was jolted awake by physical contact: “I felt Mr. I also felt his hand inside my vagina moving in and out.

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Constand appeared upbeat and relaxed as she entered the courtroom, and increasingly serious and impassioned as her testimony wore on.

Race Purpose: Raise funds to create grants for agencies in Philadelphia and Baltimore working to educate about dating violence on college campuses.

Location: Saint Joseph’s University, 5600 City Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 Awards: Awards to top 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Finishers in both Female and Male Entry: Prices: Registration for Runners (and Walkers) / Registration for Students with ID.

O’Neill, didn’t know she would testify, and at the end of the day rebuked the prosecution for not informing him.

Prosecutors said they had told the defense, but Cosby's lawyers all shook their head and mouthed, “We didn’t know."On the stand, the prosecution sought to preempt one line of attack by the defense: why Constand had maintained contact with Cosby after the alleged assault.

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