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This blog will look at how to install and configure a system, session and full page cache management solution for Magento CE v1.7.0.0 or greater using redis on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.Installing redis on Ubuntu is dead easy, simply use the following two apt commands to install the server and php5 code.It also works out of the box with Magento simply by configuring memcache as a storage option within the cache settings of the magento file.Redis was relatively new to me and is a slightly more advanced key-value cache and object store, it can be thought of as a simple memory resident database.

# # The default is to use this millisecond 10 times every second in order to # active rehashing the main dictionaries, freeing memory when possible.

This is great for cached Magento session data, we want this data in fast cache storage but we do not want to lose the data unlike system and full page cache data where we don’t really care if the data is lost – it will just be cached again.

Below are three example config files for the three cache types, you can configure your instances with these settings, or use the info to customise the default config files created in the /servers folder.

There are a lot of discussions as to the pros and cons of memcache vs redis and for a complete Magento CE cache solution I would recommend using redis as it provides the best caching solution for Magento CE system, session and full page caches.

When you go to the Magento - Cache Management screen as shown above you will see the available cache storage management options for your Magento installation.

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