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How’re we even supposed to know if they’re into us or not? In fact, the vast majority of human communication – up to according to some studies – is non-verbal.

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You missed the “Kissing Code”, which can be further understood based on her body language signs. First, let’s breakdown the body language a girl uses who IS NOT want interested in being kissed to save yourself the time, confusion, and embarrassment from NOT knowing: Ok now that we’ve got THOSE signs out of the way, here are a list of signs that are gonna be your GREEN LIGHT to go in for the kiss…because once you see these signs I can guarantee you the girl you’re with likes you, hoping you are reading her signs, and is waiting for you to give her a kiss, even if she is shy: If you still can’t seem to decipher the Kissing Code your date is using, settle for a kiss on the cheek, but linger near her face for a moment and allow her to make the choice of taking it a step further.And yet, eye contact is a frequently overlooked, yet subtly potent way of communicating interest or disinterest.If you’ve ever played the eye-contact game with someone – you’re looking at them, they catch you looking, you look away quickly and only look back when you think she’s not looking- you may have been missing out on one of the most sure “come here” signals there is.The longer she keeps contact, the more interested she is.Many women will use a variation of the eye-contact game; they will make a point of making eye contact, then looking down and away before looking back again.

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