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This British classic adapted from Jonathan Harvey’s play of the same name has been an introduction for many young people to LGBT films, especially those who viewed it at the time of its release.The film is about finding identity and a place in the world, as each of the teenager characters balance school, growing up in the working class area of South East London, their parents and, for Jamie and Ste, their sexual orientation and love for one another.As with any other marginalized group, it's tricky to make a movie about the queer community—even if the filmmakers responsible are members of the tribe.There's a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't nature to the audience's response.Coming of age films that feature prominent LGBT characters focus on identity in different ways.There are some pressing questions which have been answered in the history of LGBT coming of age stories, which range from tragic to fabulous and everything in-between. The following films illustrate many facets of these films which may well contain great meaning for many kindred souls watching them.

Coming of age films most often touch on heterosexual stories of the loss of virginity, the first kiss, or just growing up facing challenges together with friends.Although the film is long, with an almost three-hour running time, and some of the sex scenes are graphic.The film’s realism and depiction of the women’s relationship, among other attributes, make this a must watch.The film, whose title comes from a Stevie Nicks song, is a hidden gem in the canons of both LGBT films and coming of age tales.The characters, setting, and situation, which are all based on true events and people are so realistic and much more poignant than other coming out films of the era.

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