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And to go even further, suspensions, inversions and plastic bag torture.Well, to my delight, there just happened to be 2 offering at Nicheclips the past 2 days, so I thought I'd give a go at a couple of mini reviews.Bill Zebub: You pretty much got the response I would have expected from this forum concerning your movie proposal.Although I suspect it was a rhetorical question, in answer to your query I will suggest that no, most forum members are not all that interested in the "psychological aspects" of a bondage-sex-and-torture kidnapping opus.So come to think of it, I really give a fuck about the "psychological aspects" of being a stripper. But I digress.) Big money will probably never fund anything but mainstream pablum.That is not to say you couldn't push their boundaries and maybe get away with more than they would have initially allowed.

The number of American TV shows and Made-for-TV movies dealing with strippers and prostitutes are too numerous to mention. But Jessica Alba does seem to go for an inordinate number of roles that should involve nudity but sadly do not. If they made the drive-in circuit, it was after I stopped going. He might be good at graphic torture porn, but nudity and sexual violence don't seem to be his forte. Just so you know, we are going to have some gruesome parts in the Agent, near the end. We are incorporating more elements this time that we usually don't have in our movies such as strangulation, electro-torture, etc.

Then unties her and as she starts to scramble for the door he strangles her to unconsciousness.

Next scene she's hanging upside down with her hands tied behind her back and forced to perform oral (simulated).

Personally, I can visualize an hour and a half of nudity, torture, and sex that is engaging, watchable and entertaining.

I am having a problem visualizing an hour and a half of psychological mind fucking that would hold my attention.

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    Lancaster, in a deep coma, was placed on life support and moved to Fairfield General Hospital in Bury, then to the neurology unit at Hope Hospital (now Salford Royal Hospital) in Salford.

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