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As their knowledge of the Australian outback and economy increased, Muslim cameleers began their own businesses, importing and running camel trains.

By 1890 the camel business was dominated by Muslim merchants and brokers, commonly referred to as "Afghans" or "Ghans", despite their origin often being British India (now Pakistan) as well as Afghanistan.

This camel, Harry, was used for inland exploration by pastoralist and explorer John Ainsworth Horrocks on his ill-fated 1846 expedition into the arid South Australian interior near Lake Torrens, in searching for new agricultural land.

He became known as the 'man who was shot by his own camel'.

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Carting goods and transporting wool bales by camel was a lucrative livelihood for them.

Most of these camels were dromedaries, especially from India, including the Bikaneri war camel from Rajasthan as a riding camel, and lowland Indian camels for heavy work.

Other dromedaries included the Bishari riding camel of North Africa and Arabia.

They should have oxen from Buenos Aires, or from the English settlements, mules from Senegal, and dromedaries from Africa or Arabia.

The oxen would traverse the woods and the thickets; the mules would walk securely among rugged rocks and hilly countries; the dromedaries would cross the sandy deserts.

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