Carbon dating mayan pyramids

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This hurled massive amounts of carbon dioxide (CO into the atmosphere.

The ozone layer would probably have been destroyed within a very short time, and there must have been complete darkness over the Earth for months due to the dust in the atmosphere.

This is because the transitions between regions with a different ratio of strontium 87 to strontium 86 can be particularly important: Gilli says, enthusiastically, “We can obtain a very large amount of information about the lifestyle of the people from settlements at such boundaries, such as the Maya city of Mayapán.” Geology and archaeology complement each other For instance, the fine-mesh geological measurement network in conjunction with the biological strontium isotope values makes migration movements visible.

It could yield knowledge about where the Maya obtained their building materials or where they cultivated their maize.

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On the other hand, the rocks outside the ring showed more variable strontium isotope ratios and are from 10 to 33 million years old.The event caused the extinction of about 75 percent of all species.Its effect was due mainly to the fact that it impacted into rocks rich in carbonate and anhydrite.Gilli suspects that the crater basin had been covered by seawater for a prolonged time, which allowed the more recent sediments to be deposited there.The results help to understand the geology better and to re-draw and refine the outdated maps.

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