Catholic and mormon dating

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Then, explain that because you love her, you feel a responsibility as her parents to share the concerns you have over this relationship, but this in no way reflects a desire to “run” or “control” her life.

At this point, it would be good to ask if she would be willing to engage in an open and honest dialogue with you over her reasons for dating this LDS young man and what interests her about Mormonism.

Neither response yields the desired affect that would bring a child to maturity in her decision making capacity.You could say that this is the reason you would prefer that her LDS boyfriend not be present at this meeting.Let her know that your hope is that this meeting would be a time for honest communication, where you and she can discuss the implications of her choices in an atmosphere of mutual respect.MAINTAIN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR DAUGHTER.We have found that the strength of the emotional bond between the teenage/young adult and parents has a significant bearing on how responsive the young person is to parental input.

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