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The Kush & Krystals podcast is more of a multifaceted, nontraditional, spiritual show that focuses on chronicling the journeys of the hosts while helping those listeners who may be going through similar journeys.

For those who have yet to listen to Kush & Krystals, Chaé is one of the hosts of the podcast, often offering unique perspectives about current and past life experiences while quoting and imitating Migos.

Chaé described the decision to make these posts as something that was done “because [Chaé] wanted to.” Chaé went on to say that there was a certain “calling” that led to the video post, simply saying, “I felt called to do the video post, just as I felt called to do this interview.” Chaé discussed feeling that there was a message that needed to be conveyed, explaining further that Chaé was able to convey this particular message because it was more important to raise awareness than it was to be care about the reactions of others or remain attached to being supported in this decision.

One word that continued to surface during the course of the interview was “calling.” When asked about the purpose or reason for the video and name change posts, as well as with regards to the interview, Chaé stated, “I feel called to help.

While the topic of childhood and upbringing were on the table, Chaé and I discussed the concept of gender identity and what accepting one’s gender identity looks like to a young child.

Chaé indicated an early acceptance of being born a woman and denied having many thoughts on gender identity early-on in life, but confirmed that part of the reason that additional exploration into the topic was not done was due to the topic of sexuality and gender identity being “scary” and concepts that took Chaé out of a self-imposed “bubble” or “safe space.” Chaé indicated that it was just in the last month that this scariness began to dissipate.

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She is listed on Free Ones since 2015 and is currently ranked 45495th place.

For Chaé, one pressing question is about what happens if the transition takes place and Chaé still does not identify with a more masculine body.

Conversations about dysphoria necessitate conversations about depression and Chaé was quite forthcoming when stating that mental health is also a factor in this current space and that, though acceptance of self has drastically decreased a lot of the feelings of depression, they are still there.

Chaé was very candid about the desire to have children and the costs associated with surgeries, freezing eggs, and Reciprocal IVF.

When considering the costly commitment that Chaé would be making should the decision to transition be chosen, I wondered if Chaé had any qualms with a Higher Power about the body and gender that was given to Chaé at birth.

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