Channel 4 dating in the dark

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The growing space occupied by Facebook and Google continued to be a neverending ping pong battle in 2017, with Google eventually clinching the year by bringing more traffic to publishers than Facebook.

Here's how: Entering 2018, it's easy for publishers to remain in defense mode as they brace for another year of battling the duopoly.But in every other respect he is a different figure to his public image – clean for five years, charming, witty and as frank as his father, admitting variously to being terrified of the scale of his inheritance: “It daunts me.A monster, albeit a pretty monster, just like a high-maintenance wife”; regretting his failure to enter politics, “too late now.Heavy-handed passes were not what I had expected – too Downton Abbey, too much part of a vanished age of influence, wealth and debauchery.The toffs I met at university all had to work, and were snapped up by investment banks or the secret services.

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