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The evil Tammik suddenly looked up and averted his gaze from admiring the boy’s crimson-looking bottom and caught me watching him. The thought of being belted by Tammik frightened me as much again as the prospect of just having my backside exposed for a hand-spanking from such a thug!

I hastily pulled down my underpants and allowed them to fall to my ankles.

It was my third lesson of the day, and the last one before my lunch-hour, namely PE – with that bastard Mr Tammik – which hadn’t gone well and which had overshadowed the rest of my day, including the double lesson I had of Maths after lunch with Mr Abraham.

Hopefully she hadn’t spotted me wearing shorts as that would have triggered 101 questions I really didn’t feel like answering.

I have always hated wearing them, and only wear them – grudgingly – for PE at school.

On that note, arguably the worse thing about UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent decision to raise the school-leaving age from sixteen to eighteen years, is not so much that one has to do another two years of full-time education, but it allows the government of the day to masquerade the number of young people who are unemployed – now that a previous government rather crassly abolished the statutory retirement age (to allow the oldies to work much longer, rather than force them to retire in order to create opportunities for those just entering adulthood and the workplace – but that PE remains a compulsory part of the school curriculum, purportedly to tackle ; thus putting to flight any hope one may have had of abandoning one’s shorts when one is afforded the option of also dropping other tedious subjects such as Craft, Design & Technology and French!

It wasn’t the warmest of rooms to stand in, wearing just one’s underwear, though one could not help notice from the sweat on Tammick’s forehead that he certainly was not cold from zealously spanking the boy over his knee, whilst I hardly suspected the boy himself – or, at least, his bottom – felt cold.eiher!

I must confess I am something of a stickler about boys wearing proper underwear, not least as so many these days either wear boxer shorts which make them look like grown men before their time or hideous-looking jock-straps.

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