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Since the start of 2016, the Kazakh media outlet, Khabar Agency, has been an associate member of the EBU.But only full members can participate in Eurovision events, which prevented them from taking part without being specially invited.If they win, then Eurovision will be held in Kazakhstan! The Ministry of Culture and Sport has confirmed that Channel 31 made an application for EBU membership.However, the EBU have not yet confirmed if the application has been successful.Kazakh Telecom is the operator of the national data transfer network, which connects the major cities of Kazakhstan with a total bandwidth of 957 Mbit/s and carrying capacity in separate local segments of up to 10 Gbit/s.Kazakh Telecom had about 2.5 million fixed-line subscribers in 2005 and accounted for approximately 90 percent of the country’s fixed-line market.Perhaps this success could carry over to Eurovision itself.

By 2007, Kazakhstan reported Internet penetration levels of 8.5 percent, rising to 12.4 percent in 2008.

The cost of Internet access remains high relative to the average salary (54,500 tenge in 2008, or USD 363).

Kazakh Telecom’s tariffs for unlimited ADSL access with capacity of 128 kbit/s were USD 30.

It also controls 49 percent of the country’s leading mobile operator, GSM Kazakhstan, and 50 percent of another cellular operator, Altel.

Kazakh Telecom Liberalization of the telecommunications market in 2004 increased competition among the five licensed operators: Kazakh Telecom (the former state monopoly, now with 51 percent state participation), Transtelecom, Kaztranscom, Arna (DUCAT), and Astel.

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