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Dewey Martin, eventually of Buffalo Springfield, did his stint of duty, but that was in '61 or '62, a simpler time.

Subject: Knights of the round discs Sir Barry Bee Gee (Gibb) is the other this year. These awards are getting better, with Sir Van last year. They really do wear morning suits and get tapped on the shoulders with a sword.

Some, like Neil Young had nothing to worry about because of existing health conditions.

But so little seems to have been written about it - Young's book tells his tale, but Robbie's is silent. One of the Janis Joplin has her group dressing bassist Brad Campbell as a woman, makeup and all, so as to evade capture on tour at one point. I do hate to say it, but a lot of Twitler's tactics are typical old primtive NYC methods.

And they usually never got far, were always very limited in their respective corners.

Many of em never get past square one, some get a little somewhere but never get real far.

And he found that nobody had ever been drafted from the Toronto pool, which consisted largely of the sons of Canada-based US diplomats and corporate execs.

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Being a diligent scholar, he accessed the admirably public data on the draft and found that when you registered, you registered in a particular pool - of your choosing to some degree.

They got me at 18 but I didnt serve with anybody but Americans.

I like the draft, as an equalizer, and perhaps all those rich GOP parents living in the burbs might not have been so gung-ho about the Iraq invasion if their darlings might have had to go - Location: Terronno Back to Blues Project / Seatrain: it occurs to me that Andy Kulberg must've had something of a soft spot for Toronto musicians of they day, as organist Peter Jermyn of Luke and the Apostles was offered Al Kooper's vacant spot in the '60s, and negotiations were entered into to recruit Luke (Gibson) as vocalist in the early '70s.

He would certainly have dodged if he had heard, but that proved unnecessary.

But what interests me most at this point is what arrangements were made by Albert Grossman and other managers to keep their US-based Canadian clients out of the army. Others likely had a series of renewable short-term permits.

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