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Here’s a description of one of them: “Patient to Physician (P2P) provides the opportunity to read focused discussion about clinical problems with prostate cancer.

Patients post questions with accompanying medical history and specialists in the field of prostate cancer offer ideas to discuss with your physician.” The site Prostate Pointers also has about thirty well set out forums on different aspects of prostate cancer, the most popular being “General discussion about PCa”.

I have numbered them for convenience only - it doesn't indicate an order of preference except that I do think that number one - the Prostate Cancer Charity website - is the best all-round site to visit first. It offers plenty of information and a variety of support services including active forums on various aspects of prostate cancer, and a database of over 35 UK support groups.

They say “Prostate cancer - for so long a neglected health issue - neither understood by the public nor prioritised by politicians.

Through the collective expertise of its member institutions, the NCCN develops, updates, and disseminates a complete library of clinical practice guidelines.

A much smaller number of men will actually be treated for prostate cancer.There are many websites which are either devoted to prostate cancer or have information on prostate cancer or offer various forms of support. The less good news is that there are no New Yorks, Parises or Londons among the sites - it's a case of many towns but no cities.So I can't point you to any shangrila websites for prostate cancer.If you are feeling a bit apprehensive at the moment, and you decide to check out some of the many sites on prostate cancer, here’s some reassuring info to take with you on your journey - I found it on the USA's National Cancer Institute website I mention below. By age 50, about one-third of American men have microscopic signs of prostate cancer.By age 75, half to three-quarters of men will have some cancerous changes in their prostate glands.

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