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But my favorite conversation is with a respectable-looking gentleman from New Hampshire, who looks like your bespectacled 10th-grade science teacher but with a full head of hair and no obvious facial tics. "How many penises were there before you met the Swedes? Among the former he includes the ability to create "ad hoc communities" and to take users out of their "comfort zone." The downside, he says, is "access to material and people that are disturbing. Chatroulette is not likely to be immune to hackers." Although he cautions that he's not an expert, Calo feels Chatroulette's danger to children online is frequently overstated.

The Internet's major innovation was to cut out the media middleman.Rather than strangers from around the world, you can now be hooked up with someone who might be living right down the street.(To find out how that could impact public safety concerns here in Colorado Springs, see "Stranger dangers," below.) And if Localroulette isn't enough product diversification for you, the company has also rolled out Channelroulette, which allows users to choose between a selection of topic-specific channels, helping protect the prudent from the prurient. In practice, early figures show the majority of users opting for the "sex channel." So maybe it's not surprising that Apple recently pulled a new i Phone 4 Chatroulette application from its app store."I have read many, many accounts of wonderful and surprising interactions. — around Chatroulette at least as interesting as the website itself.People love to capture awkward moments on Chatroulette almost as though they were a form of art." Artistically inclined regulars include a guy who improvises piano odes to whomever comes online, and another who draws their caricatures.

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