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Plaintiffs in a lawsuit claim the city of Flint is not abiding by the terms of an agreement that opened the door to nearly 0 million in funding for the city's water crisis recovery efforts.Earlier this year, a group of Flint residents and advocacy groups reached a settlement with the city and the state of Michigan over replacing thousands of damaged lead pipes.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says colder-than-normal temperatures will continue in Michigan through mid-January, at least.That's as far as their models can reliably predict.Karen Weaver issued a statement Thursday in response to plaintiffs asking a federal judge to intervene because they say Flint hasn't been sharing information, as it agreed to do.

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Twenty years later they had built an empire big enough to support a kid’s hockey league that produced NHL players.Long-range models suggest temperatures might return to normal toward the end of the month, but those predictions are not very accurate.That's according to Richard Otto, a meteorologist with NOAA's weather prediction center in College Park, Maryland.An informed and engaged electorate is the catalyst that makes this grand American experiment work. Time to look back on 2017 – but we’ll spare you the serious stuff and stick to sports.Even in sports, alas, Michiganders waded through a lot of bad news, starting with the passing of Mike Ilitch.

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