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Employees working as Deputy Assistant Directors (Sample size = 120) in National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) were selected by convenience sampling for collection of data through questionnaires (Thomas-Kilmann Instrument) and collected data was analyzed through descriptive statistics.Out of 120 questionnaires, 88 questionnaires were received from respondents and response rate can be said as 73%.low, middle and top Levels) [6] and also it badly affects the overall performance of employees whether employees are part of a group or a team in an organization [2,7].Moreover, relationship conflict is negatively associated with satisfaction and well being and has positive influence on the desire to leave the current job [8].If conflict is handled fruitfully it can bring great benefits [3].Five conflict handling styles were presented by Thomas and Kilmann as displayed in (Figure 1).

If conflict is not handled properly, it can ruin one’s relationship in one’s daily life and can badly impact on the performance of an organization if one is part of an organization.Similarly, first integrating (Collaborating) and, second, compromising are found to be the most preferred conflict handling styles of Turkish managers.Also, Individual’s personality plays an important role for using a proper conflict handling style as individuals with extraversion personality trait prefer compromising style of conflict handling and they do not use avoiding style and on the other hand individuals with openness to experience are also more tending towards compromising style of conflict handling [9-12].Although age status and gender role have not very significant relation with the selection of a conflict handling style particularly in small businesses but people use and prefer different conflict handling styles as per their cultural background, personality, value system, etc.As Iranian inexperienced and experienced engineers both prefer to use avoiding style for managing conflicts while Swedish student prefer collaborating style for handling conflicts.

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