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Owing to the high banks, and the density of the scrub in places, a day was spent here before a practical cross- ing place could be discovered.

The next point made was Mount Mulgrave, a very high mountain 14 miles from the Mitchell ; and another 17 miles brought the party to the Palmer.

The Mitchell was made in 22 miles after leaving the Walsh, the quality of the land passed over continuing excellent—a rich, black soil, capable of growing anything.

The Mitchell, even at this time of the year, and so near the Coast Range as where the prospectors struck it, was a broad river, carrying a stream for or five feet deep.

Leaving Frith's they made the Lynd, which they crossed at about 25 miles, the intervening country being well watered.

Thirty miles of r0ugh country beyond the Lynd brought the party to the Tate, where they spent two days in prospecting, but succeeded in finding nothing but colours.

The work of miners was being hampered owing to lack of water. with the address and dating, Broughton goldfield February 7. ' The Works were under the charge of a practical Cornish miner, who stated that the lode would be reached in ten or fourteen days—an opinion verified by the fact, as I was afterwards informed.

The affair arose through a quarrel concerning a woman.

On May 5, the Leichardt left Cooktown with 6820 ounces of gold, together with about 2000 ounces more which was in the hands of passengers aboard.

1877 files of the 'Nothern Miner', which then was published on Wednesdays and Saturdays, contain references to the hearing of cases at the Millchester Police Court.

Warden Sellheim in his annual report for 1880 stated there were 67 persons on the field owning more than 50 head of cattle, and in the aggregate depasturing 14,121 head, plus 3000 head, the property of owners of smaller herds. On the 18th September last, acting under, instructions from the Hon. Jardine proceeded to inspect and report upon the northern gold-fields of Charters Towers, Broughton, Cape Uiver, Ravenswood, and Normanby. Jardine was invested with the powers of Superintending Gold Commissioner, and all gold cominissiouers within the limits of the gold-fields he might visit were bound to obey his instructions.

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