Dallas texas dating scene

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And then as soon as we exited the parking lot, I realized I had a flat tire. I called Subaru roadside and they sent a truck out to get us. It's amazing that you can walk across the river and be in another country.On our way back, we stopped at Hotel Settles, a historic Art Deco hotel in downtown Big Spring that reopened after undergoing a beautiful renovation.Court is in session weekdays with America’s Court […]KTXA 21.2 airs the complete Me-TV program schedule, featuring more than 50 different classic television programs every week.

As much a skill as it is a sport, ice fishing isn't for the faint of heart.

It's a good halfway point between Marfa and DFW, but it also had some neat historical items. When we got back, we stopped at Spiral Diner in Fort Worth, and then I took him to DFW Airport in time for his flight.

He's done a lot of road trips and he said that Highway 170 was one of the best he's seen in the United States.

I had a 3- to 4-day window right before Thanksgiving where my family was going to be out of town, and a friend from Brooklyn was coming to visit. The tow truck came all way from Rapid Road Service in Van Horn to get us. The whole theme of this trip was driving, and it would have been stressful to do it on a spare tire. FM-170 Our goal was to drive FM-170, which follows the border between Mexico and the United States. You're driving through mountains with views of the Rio Grande.

Marfa was the official destination, but this was about taking a road trip, and about showing my friend the beauty of Texas. There's elevation changes, mountains, all these beautiful views all the time, and Mexico on the other side.

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