Dating a gillette razor

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Desirable models from Gillette include the Adjustable, the Super Speed (no date code or British models only) and the Aristocrat or Presidente (see pics).Detail of the Adjustable — has a turnable wheel jobby under the head with different settings for different shaving qualities.The sheer depth and breadth of potions, lotions, tweezers, trimmers, masks and moisturisers make shopping for the dapper gent in your life one of the more complicated tasks during the holidays.Not only do you have to agonise over whether said individual already owns a high-speed moustache trimming set, you also have to try to figure out whether or not it’s actually any good.They're simple to clean; just scrub the bejesus out of them with a toothbrush and dish soap. Remove from bath and wipe off the oil with a cloth and ta-da! I have also tried his razors on my legs and they're so-so for me.They get a little razor burn-y, but then, I like to shave quickly, so I'm not as patient as I probably should be. Anyone regularly use a vintage safety razor on your legs? Basically, I play with insects for hours and I luuurrrve it!

To figure out the year of production, look under (or inside) the head of the razor for a letter and a number.

The butterfly models are preferable because while the screw-on types of razors can deliver a nice shave, the ease of access to the blade area in butterflies is excellent for rinsing out detritus during and after shaving as well as for changing out blades.

The adjustables are great because they have a do-dad on the handle that adjusts the distance of the safety bars from the blade, which allows the shaver to adjust for the task at hand; are they chopping off a thick beard, or are they trying to get a close shave on a delicate area of skin?

Shaving brushes and bowls are awesome, but not necessary.

If you want to get a brush, don't buy a vintage brush — often these are worn out and the glues are deteriorating.

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