Dating a wifestory

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There was screaming and shouting, often in front of the children, which I found unacceptable.‘He wasn’t a decorator by trade,’ she says.‘We had a brief affair and I told Phil as soon as he came home.It would have given him more freedom and an open schedule to do whatever he wanted to do, with invitations to late night dinners and parties.’‘It was out of control,’ she says.

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During one of his trips home, the family moved to Shalford in Surrey, where Andrea found the location only increased her loneliness.‘I think he was enjoying being on the road as a single guy.

‘I was hearing about his affairs long before I had one.

When we got divorced he named another woman that I had never heard of, so I don’t know where and when it happened.‘He’s made a lot of money singing about the break-up of our marriage and his heartbreak, and he’s never stopped to consider my feelings or those of our children.

The song was written, so the story goes, after his first wife left him for a painter and decorator; a fact underlined by his infamous appearance on Top Of The Pops, where he placed a pot of paint on his piano.

But all this time, the other person at the centre of the drama – his first wife Andrea – has listened in distress as her name has been sullied.

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