Dating breyer horses

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His model is an exquisite golden color reminding us of a peaceful setting sun.Nazruddin was sired by Nazrana and his dam is Shyamla; both dam and stallion were black so Nazruddin's elegant sorrel coloring is a throwback to a mysterious desert ancestor from generations before. You can buy your Breyer Fest Tickets and Parking Pass here with Early Bird Pricing.Meet our last and final lot, the Shire Gelding in a Metallic Chestnut Sabino Pinto.This model features the loose mane and tail while Vahana, a Special Run, features the braided mane and tail.The Fighting Stallion is mold 31 and is another Chris Hess classic.We know you can't wait to get your hands on the amazing Breyer Fest Gateway to India models!India has one of the leading tent pegging teams and we're excited to showcase this little-known equestrian discipline.

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A 2006 stallion, Nazruddin was born on Chappaquiddick, MA and is an elegant sorrel horse standing at 15.1 hands.The selection also includes vintage dolls dating back to the 1950's.Nicole - TXKathy - AZEmily - KYAndrea - SC For inquiring minds!Here is the breakdown of the Bollywood Surprise Special Run models from Breyer Fest: A - Dark Bay Tobiano (1225 Matte, 175 Glossy)B - Buttermilk Buckskin (800 Matte, 175 Glossy)C - Chestnut Overo (650 Matte, 175 Glossy)D - Grulla Pintaloosa (425 Matte, 175 Glossy) If you lost anything at Breyer Fest Gateway to India over the weekend please call our Customer Service department at 973-633-5090. We'll be back at the Kentucky Horse Park from July 13 - 15, 2018 and we can't wait to see you there!We have quite a few items we would love to reunite with their owners! With Breyer Fest Gateway to India starting tomorrow we had to end our countdown on a strong note!

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