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I created an updated version that was published for free distribution by The Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation in 2010, and updated the PDF file of that edition for my website in 2013.

The Milinda Pañha is ideally suited for people educated in the West.

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However, the conversations may be just a literary device the author used to add interest.

This present work is, however, not a literal but a free rendering making an abridge­ment and aimed at the reader who prefers to take a short cut rather than the long way, notwithstanding that the latter may be very beautiful.

The author, Bhikkhu Pesala, is a Budd­hist monk who had training in Burma and Thailand whose know­ledge of Pali has enabled him to check areas of ambig­uous translation to compile this concise and readable work in elegant, modern English while his knowledge of Buddhism has enabled him to clarify some obscure ideas. A Sri Lankan supporter, Indrajit Samaranayake, gave me the keys to his house, and I typed the first draft on his computer while he and his wife were at work.

This well-known Pali book called Milinda Pañha or Questions of King Milinda has twice been trans­lated into English: in 1890, and in 1969.

Both transla­tions are literary and, in many places literal, therefore they were mainly confined to scholars.

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