Dating female inmate

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The jury convicted Patricia Columbo and Frank De Luca, and they were each sentenced to 200 to 300 years in prison.

But Columbo managed to keep herself in the spotlight: In 1979, it was reported that she had assisted in organizing sex orgies involving guards and wardens at her prison in Dwight, Illinois.

There was also a letter from Columbo's cousin in support of her release, Tupy said.

The board majority voted to deny Columbo's parole because she was one of the moving forces behind the crime, Tupy said.

The pair later killed Frank, Mary, and Michael Columbo in order to receive the family inheritance, unaware that the Columbos had written Patricia out of their wills years earlier.

As a 16-year-old, Columbo worked in a suburban coffee shop where she met pharmacist Frank De Luca, who managed the pharmacy next door.

Inspired by the promise of reward money, a friend led police to the men who had discussed killing the Columbo family with Patricia.

After the couple was arrested, De Luca's employees revealed that they had seen him washing and burning bloodstained clothes on the day after the murders.

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Twenty-year-old Columbo had left her family home two years earlier to live with De Luca, a 36-year-old married man.Apparently, he had kept them silent by threatening their families.While in jail, De Luca attempted to have these witnesses killed by a cellmate, but another inmate thwarted the plan by telling the police.Her parents were relieved when she later told them she was going to move into her own apartment, and even provided her with money.However, they soon learned that De Luca had left his wife and moved in with their daughter, prompting Columbo's father to beat De Luca severely.

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