Dating flight attendants

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Scantily-clad graduates, unruly families, infrequent travellers, boiling weather, and overworked crews. Having said that, there are a few very special breeds of traveller who seem to lose all sense of decency when the temperature rises and the smell of jet fuel permeates the senses.Add to that jam-packed planes on an already stretched air travel infrastructure, and you’re ripe for a meltdown at any moment.(I’ve marked the pages about violating FAA and company regulations on my inflight manual for future reference.) But I’d take those any day over the middle school groups.Watching them – wherever they’re off to – the crew suffers from mortifying secondhand embarrassment as we watch the popular kids to try avoid sitting with the less popular, and remember our own school days.I always make a point to let them know I once too had to go back and forth between parents, and to sit back, relax and let us take care of them before they have to pretend to like the next step-parent.The summer of hate list could go on and on but for the sake of our sanity, let’s leave it at that.Daddy dearest is in business class; his brood and (usually much more pleasant) wife in economy.On one of my very first trips this summer, I encountered such a group.

They get meals, snacks, any (soft) drink they want, and refill after refill.Dude bros and their travelling coterie are also always enjoyable.I’m used to watching muscular meatheads and their arm candy board and immediately try to drink their own booze onboard, or worse – try to play beer pong across several rows of seats.But for those mentioned above, flying on holiday is an extraordinary act.With air travel regulations changing daily, it’s stressful to take a short-haul hop – let alone a flight that connects through a massive and confusing hub on airlines that might change with every segment.

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