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Received 2 pairs of these, knew they were made offshore, but bought due to positive reviews.Save your money, buy American made, these were made in Cambodia and didn't fit, leather was cheap.No where in the description does it mention anything about this being a possibility. Not the lightest, easiest to carry bag for hiking... very happy with these boots, I wear them working in North Dakota, I drive truck and have to get in and out a lot.I did purchase them under the thought that they would be gently used, but not virtually threads and stains. After wearing the jacket for only 6 months, the knit collar, cuffs and waistband have lots shape and started to fall apart. and for some reason have to have a safety toed boot. Fit was great, wife said they make me look slimmer !

I used to use Flents, but one time I got a defective couple of boxes (200 pair/box as I recall).

Sure enough after enough sucking, fucking, and juicy cumming Brad was pooped and Edyn was ready to follow through with her plan.

Brad woke up to their score stolen and a letter saying nothing personal, it’s just business! Lilly Hall - Artistic Noir Sex Lilly Hall has been into painting lately, and just recently booked a live nude model to capture on canvas.

Lilly knew she would be seeing a naked man today, but no way no how did she expect to have a buff black guy with huge dick right in front of her face!

She could barely focus on his form and could only think about getting her pussy impaled by that huge fleshy black rod of his.

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